About us


Comepi’s Division for the design and manufacturing of moulds is situated in a district of engineering excellence, amid the greenery of the Brianza area of the province of Milan, in a modern structure that also handles product design, electrical components production and assembly, the departments in charge of controlling the functionality of each piece, and the logistics unit handling the distribution of products throughout the world.


The production process runs along two basic guidelines: automation for large lots and manual production for small orders. The automated processes make use of production lines, designed and tailored to meet Comepi’s requirements and production experience. Additionally, all processes are controlled by an efficient UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system.


In 1998 Comepi was qualified ISO 9002 which was then upgraded to ISO 9001:2008, confirming the company’s policy of pursuing quality. The monitoring of the constant implementation of this standard is ensured by means of well tested procedures that are always in force, ranging from production process control to the use of statistic techniques, through the active involvement and commitment of staff at all levels. For Comepi, quality is an essential means to meet customer expectations and enable greater growth in corporate profitability and competitiveness.


The speed of our customer service is the result of a production cycle marked by the successful autonomy of our production process. This is flanked by the ability of our personnel to operate thoughtfully, competently and with flexibility. Comepi’s simplified structure means there are no rigidly fixed roles which translates into the ability of dealing with unpredictable situations effectively.


Comepi products are distributed worldwide. Our commitment to flexibility means the ability to effectively bring new solutions where the market requires new applications. Comepi has at its disposal a network of agents and importers working alongside local distributors. This constantly evolving setup ensures that we are in an outstanding position to meet supplies and provide excellent service.