READY TO USE Pushbutton Nameplates

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COMEPI add to his catalogue the READY TO USE Nameplates, the easyer and faster way to maintain well ordered the external part your electrical panels.

COMEPI’s READY TO USE nameplates are available both in aluminium and plastic, precut with three different dimensions and ready to be used thanks to over than 50 indications from wich select.

There are also available nameplates with red background for emergency applications.

All the nameplates are purchased with o-ring, in order to guarantee the IP degree of the mounted pushbutton.

Furthermore the aluminium nameplates have an adhesive sheet on their back, useful for maintain more fixed and durable the placement.

Discover the complete nameplates READY TO USE production by using the following links:

ECX 1670A nameplate series – Aluminium, 30x45mm, for 22mm pushbuttons – Click Here

ECX 1670 nameplate series – Plastic, 30x45mm, for 22mm pushbuttons – Click Here

ECX 1680A nameplate series – Aluminium, 40x45mm, for 22mm pushbuttons – Click Here

ECX 1690 nameplate series – Plastic, 45x45mm, for 22mm pushbuttons – Click Here

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