New 2NO Contact Block For EP and EM Series

New solutions available with the pre-wired versions of our limit switches.
In order to make possible a growing number of solutions for the user, COMEPI add to its production the 2NO version of microswitch suitable for pre-wired IP67 limit switches EP & EM series.

The item code for the new version will be X3 and they will be compatible with all the actuators suitable for slow action microswitches use, and with all the casing dimensions (both 20mm and 25mm fixing holes, plastic and metal versions)

The finished limit switch will be available with the standard PVC cable, maintaining the UL approval.

Example of part numbers:
EP1G11X3U with 1m cable length
EP1G11X3020U with 2m cable length

Configure your limit switch:
EP1 series – Plastic casing IP67, 30mm width
EP2 series – Plastic casing IP67, 35mm width
EM1 series – Metal casing IP67, 30mm width
EM2 series – metal casing IP67, 35mm width

Discover also the other contact block versions available with 1NO+1NC, 2NC and 2NO+2NC configurations.

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